Data collection and display software is available for all of our probes. For details on software specific to individual instruments, visit the web page for that product. Software packages that can be used with multiple instruments are described in detail below.

DMT also offers data collection and power distribution systems to assist with data collection in aircraft settings.




Particle Analysis and Display System (PADS): PADS is DMT's flagship software. It allows users to acquire, display and play back data from many different instruments. PADS can be supplied as software only, or with a completely configured data system. PADS features and intuitive user interface and easy configuration of new probes. Version 4.2 runs under Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. More info


Optical Array Shadow Imaging Software (OASIS): OASIS is an IGOR-Pro based package that assists users with image data post-processing. It allows users to conduct robust statistical analysis, apply complex filters to data, and generate journal-quality graphs. More info


Data Collection and Power Distribution Systems


Airborne Power Distribution System (APDS): This aircraft power distribution system controls 28VDC power to probes and anti-ice circuits. This system has its switch and circuit breakers combined into one unit, and it features a 19" rack-mount chassis. The APDS can control up to eight individual instruments.