Droplet Measurement Technologies (DMT) has been the leading provider of airborne particle instrumentation for over 27 years.  Our instruments measure size distributions of aerosol, black carbon (soot), dust, CCN, water droplets and ice crystals.

Our staff consists of 50+ scientists, engineers, technicians, consultants, and business support experts to provide continuing sales and service to our customers. Our ongoing research and partnerships with leading institutions worldwide help ensure the latest instruments and technology.

NEWS: SPIN at MIT, WIBS-4A Workshop

DMT's Spectrometer for Ice Nuclei (SPIN) is being used at MIT to determine how high-altitude water vapor forms cirrus clouds. Click here for a story on the research by MIT staff.

In May 2014, DMT hosted the first WIBS-4A workshop. The event featured presentations and discussions about the instrument. 

Participants in the 2014 WIBS-4A User Group

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