01 Who?

Our staff consists of 40+ scientists, engineers, technicians, consultants, and business experts to provide continuing sales and service to our customers. Our ongoing research and partnerships with leading institutions worldwide help ensure the latest instruments and technology. More

02 What?

We manufacture cutting-edge instruments for measuring water droplets, ice crystals, CCN, black carbon, bioaerosols and other aerosols. We provide accessories for these instruments such as calibration devices and power distribution systems. And we create high-quality software to help you understand your data. More

03 Why?

For many reasons. To better understand cloud microphysics. To ensure accuracy in aircraft icing tests. To measure atmospheric ozone, a gas that absorbs UV radiation and affects the earth's temperature. To measure black carbon, which contributes to global warming. To analyze icing on wind turbines. More


Instrumentation Inquires

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