Hot-Wire Liquid Water Content Sensor

This compact instrument captures direct measurements of liquid water content (LWC) from 0.05 g/m3 to 3 g/m3, a critical bulk property in atmospheric research.


Easily mount the LWC-301 on manned or unmanned aircraft, cooling towers, and spray rigs.

Make replacement quick and easy with an interchangeable circuit card sensor.

Get a self-contained aspirator for ground-based LWC applications – with an external flow indicator that provides easy access to airflow readings.

Hotwire sensing

  • The LWC-301 features a coiled wire that is maintained at 150 °C, which acts as variable resistance in a Wheatstone Bridge circuit.
  • The resistance of the sensing coil is directly proportional to its temperature.
  • Power dissipated by the sensor to maintain temperature is used to calculate vaporization, and in turn, liquid water content.
Parameter Specification
Measured Parameters

Liquid water content in the 0-3 g/m3 range

Air Speed Range

0 – 200 m/sec


Not Required

Frequency Response

>25 Hz


RS-422 Serial Communication

Special Features

Interchangeable circuit card sensor
Pulse width modulation control (avoids overheating of the power transistor and hotwire coil)


2.5-inch diameter B.C. Rosemount pattern mounting

Power Requirements

System power: 28 VDC, 7.5 A max
Anti-ice power: 28 VDC, 8.0 A


Electronics box: 500 g
Sensor strut: 600 g


Sensor strut with strut mount: 11.5 cm W x 6.4 cm L x 19.5 cm H (41/2” W x 2 1/2” L x 7 5/8“ H)
Electronics box: 12.1 cm W x 12.1 cm L x 6.7 cm H (43/4” W x 43/4” L x 25/8” H)
Electronics box mounting plate: 9.7 cm W x 15.3 cm L x 0.3 cm H (3.8” W x 6.0“ L x 0.1” H)

Operating Limits

0 -12 km altitude
-40 to +40 °C
0 – 100% RH

PADS software and laptop

Droplet offers a three-year service plan to ensure that your LWC-301 continues to deliver high-quality data. This plan locks costs upfront at the time of funding application and covers annual calibration, alignment, cleaning, wear-item replacement, calibration documentation, and shipping. Specific services provided for the LWC-301 include:

  • Shipping to and from Droplet facility for service
  • Incoming instrument evaluation and health check
  • Heater resistance observations and adjustments
  • Hardware replacement
  • Light test performed
  • O-ring replacement
  • Wind tunnel test
  • Software, firmware, and antivirus update
  • 100% unit functionality test
  • Calibration data, Wind Tunnel Report, Calibration Report, and Certificate of Calibration provided

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