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Studying the microphysics of individual particles and droplets informs researchers’ efforts to define the mechanics of cloud formation and growth. Understanding the properties and behavior of cloud particles provides critical insights for cloud and precipitation formation, as well as how cloud particles play a role in maintaining the earth’s energy equilibrium. Knowing how these particles impact the formation of ice crystals also provides critical input for icing certifications. The Droplet portfolio of cloud particle instruments provide:

Measurement at the formation stage through collision and coalescence to the point at which droplets form and fall as precipitation

Particle images used for determination of phase and shape

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“It is expected that changes in the concentrations of either cloud condensation nuclei or ice nuclei can affect the drop size distribution and even the cloud phase, thereby changing cloud radiative properties.”

-S. Lance et al., Atmospheric Measurement Techniques READ ARTICLE

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CCP Cloud Combination Probe

This multipurpose particle spectrometer provides aerosol particle and cloud hydrometeor size distributions from 2 µm to 50 µm, precipitation size distributions from 25 µm to 1550 µm, and liquid water content from 0.05 g/m3 to 3 g/m3.

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