Wideband Integrated Bioaerosol Sensor

The WIBS-5/NEO is the world’s only instrument for real-time, single particle measurement of atmospheric bacteria, molds, pollen, and other bioaerosols. WIBS-5 measures fluorescence to infer the presence of biological material in particles and provides detailed data on size, relative measure of shape, and fluorescent properties to enable classification of pollen, bacteria, and fungi.


Measure trace amounts of mold and other bioaerosols in the atmosphere.

Get an instrument optimized for detection of bioaerosols, tryptophan, and NADH using two excitation wavelengths and two emission bands.

Get specific data for particles from 0.5 to 30 µm, as well as particle time-of-flight to detect coincidence; configurable to measure larger particles such as pollens and fungal spores.

Enables selection of filter criteria for both full and partial measurements. Filter data using a wide variety of criteria: particle size, asymmetry, and concentration; fluorescent excitation and emission; or ratios of any of these parameters.

Measure particles in real time and see housekeeping parameters to monitor instrument health and enhance operational uptime.

Get more flexibility for your different research applications. Collect measurements and data on the ground or in the air.

Particle light-scattering and fluorescence detection

  • Particles are excited by 280 nm and 370 nm flashlamps.
  • Forward-scattered light from a 635 nm diode laser determines particle size and asphericity.
  • Two emission bands give a detailed excitation-emission matrix which is highly sensitive to common fluorophores such as tryptophan and NADH.
Parameter Specification
Maximum Concentration

3,000 particles/L for full measurement (10% coincidence)
10,000 particles/L for sizing and counting (10% coincidence

Flourescence Excitation

280 nm, 370 nm

Flourescence Emission

310-400 nm, 420-650 nm

Flow Rate

Sample: 0.3 L/min

Particle Size Range

0.5 to 30 um


2.1 L/min

Power Reqiurements

100W, 90-230 VAC or 24 VDC at 3.0A


27.5 lbs


17.75″W x 14.25″L x 9.5″H (add 2″ for inlet at top)

Droplet offers a three-year service plan to ensure that your WIBS-5 continues to deliver high-quality data. This plan locks costs upfront at the time of funding application, and covers annual calibration, alignment, cleaning, wear-item replacement, calibration documentation, and shipping. Specific services provided for WIBS-5 include:

  • Shipping to and from Droplet facility for service
  • Incoming instrument evaluation and health check
  • Full system leak test
  • Flow measurements and coefficients calibration
  • Sizing and distribution calibration using aerosol generator and PSLs
  • Ambient distribution evaluation
  • Zero count testing
  • Data processing functionality testing
  • 100% unit functionality test
  • Calibration data, Calibration Report, Certificate of Calibration provided
  • Additional services as required:
    • Particle filter checks and replacement
    • Laser power test and beam image optimization
    • Power supply and electronics version upgrade
    • Voltages set and verified
    • Optical cleaning
    • Laser alignment
    • O-ring replacement
    • Mechanical hardware replacement
    • Jet alignment
    • Flash lamp calibration
    • Pump testing
    • Software and firmware update

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