Cloud & Ice Nuclei

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Identifying atmospheric cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) and ice nuclei (IN) concentrations is critical for advancements in cloud physics, climate modeling, and accurately predicting the magnitude of global climate change. CCN and IN measurements also help weather modification operators determine when and where to seed clouds. With Droplet’s portfolio of ice and cloud nuclei instruments, you can:

Observe the conditions under which a particle will form a cloud or ice

Determine the particles that are active in cloud formation

Understand how pollution affects clouds, precipitation, and our climate

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“The largest single source of uncertainty in the total anthropogenic radiative forcing of the atmosphere remains the effect of atmospheric particles on cloud properties… The ability to predict the size distribution of cloud droplets given an initial size distribution of suspended particles is essential if aerosol indirect effects are to be quantified.”

-C. R. Ruehl et al., Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics READ ARTICLE

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CCN-100/200 Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter

Droplet’s multi-channel instrument for single supersaturation (CCN-100) or dual supersaturation (CCN-200) measurement of CCN concentration.

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