Fog & Precipitation

Impacting climate models, visibility, and water supplies


Fog and precipitation have important implications for environmental research, everyday operational safety, and water supplies. Data collected from Droplet’s fog and precipitation instruments provide detailed characterizations that help you understand formation and microphysics, critical information for forecasting and nowcasting models. The Droplet portfolio of fog and precipitation instruments enable:

Continuous sampling of droplet-laden ambient air to produce size distributions from 2 µm to 50 µm

Imaging of individual precipitation particles, recording information on shadow image, fall velocity, and particle spacing

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"The annual average Arctic temperature has increased at almost twice the rate as that of the rest of the world over the past few decades (IPCC, 2013). The main driver of this warming is an increase in the global concentration of carbon dioxide; however, various other climate forcers and feedback processes are amplifying the magnitude of warming in the Arctic (e.g., Serreze & Barry, 2011)."

-M. Koike et al., AGU 100 Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres READ ARTICLE

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GFAS-DPOL Ground-based Fog & Aerosol Spectrometer with Polarization Detection

The GFAS-DPOL combines a high-sensitivity forward & back scatter intensity particle size measurement with a polarization detection measurement and a wind direction and wind-speed measurement.

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