Your measurements and research lead to critical insights around climate change, human health, weather modification, and more. Harness powerful information with purposeful solutions – built to support a complete range of research applications and particle types.

Explore the applications

  • Bioaerosol Studies

    Investigating the role of bioaerosols on ecosystems, health, and climate change.

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  • Climate Models & Radiative Forcing

    Identifying, quantifying, and predicting the influences of certain particles on climate and the environment.

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  • Cloud Physics Research

    Determining how different particles and pollutants impact cloud and precipitation formation.

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  • Human Health

    Examining health effects from exposure to bioaerosols and other pollutants.

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  • Pollution Characterization

    Monitoring bioaerosols and air pollutants and determining predominant sources of these particles.

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  • Visibility & Fog Studies

    Better understanding how fog, aerosols, and other particles impact visibility in order to lead improvements to both visibility and air quality.

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  • Weather Modification Research

    Evaluating whether cloud seeding can be effective within the existing environment by investigating background interactions between aerosols and clouds.

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Find what you need for what you’re measuring

  • Aerosols

    Reaching certainty around the significant impact of natural and human-made aerosols on our climate.

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  • Bioaerosols

    Measuring and classifying primary biological aerosol particles that impact our atmosphere, climate, biosphere, and public health.

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  • Black Carbon

    Understanding how black carbon (BC) in the environment has critical implications to our health and climate.

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  • Cloud & Ice Nuclei

    Identifying atmospheric cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) and ice nuclei (IN) concentrations to push advancements in cloud physics, climate modeling, and weather modification.

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  • Cloud Particles

    Informing your research on how the microphysics of individual particles affect clouds and precipitation.

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  • Fog & Precipitation

    Helping you understand the formation and micro physics of fog and precipitation for effective forecasting and now casting models.

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