An environmental pollutant
with world-wide implications

Understanding black carbon (BC) in the environment has critical implications to our health and climate. Data gathered from Droplet BC instruments, which are specific to refractory BC absorption, have helped to determine the value of short-term climate change mitigation strategies involving BC emission reductions. The Droplet portfolio of BC instruments enable:

Real-time measurement of BC in the environment with single particle resolution

Detailed characterization of BC particles with measurements that include mass, size, material, and coating

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“The radiative forcing of anthropogenic black carbon (BC) aerosol is significant on a global scale and can be dramatic on local and regional scales.”

-Schwarz et al., Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 36

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SP2-XR Single Particle Soot Photometer – Extended Range

Delivers accurate, real-time, size-resolved single particle measurements of black carbon mass and size with direct output suitable for monitoring applications.

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