Your Science is
Our Mission.

Droplet Measurement Technologies started in 1987 with a passion for science and supporting the scientific community. Our initial services and accessories focused on airborne probes for researchers who shared our founders’ passions. This formed the foundation of our growth into a wide range of research applications around the globe.

Today, we push to advance the groundbreaking ideas of leading scientists and institutions around the world. Our hope? That our instruments, solutions, scientific expertise, and services help you solve your biggest challenges.


We are driven by the ever-changing goals of our customers and the scientific community. Through collaborative partnerships, we listen to your needs – working closely with you to build and pioneer instruments that help propel your scientific breakthroughs.


Droplet is determined to uphold our science mission and pursue a future of continuous innovation. Our team of scientists and engineers works with you to implement improvements and inspire imagination through campaign support, data analysis, and publications.


We develop leading instruments and team of scientists to empower you – providing the critical information you need to make world-altering discoveries. Yes, providing instruments and support is what we do. But helping you champion discovery is why we do it.