Cloud Physics Research

Clouds are an integral part of the atmosphere, critical components of the hydrological cycle, and a major modifier of climate. Clouds form and develop in complex ways that depend on the characteristics of the ambient aerosol population and on the thermodynamic and dynamic structure of the atmosphere. The hydrologic cycle depends on the formation of precipitation that in turn is directly related to the microphysical properties of clouds. The accuracy of weather forecasting and climate simulations are dependent on how cloud microphysical properties are represented in these models. Instruments from Droplet enable cloud measurements from all over the world, during different seasons and under a wide range of conditions – helping improve weather forecasting and build confidence in models that predict climate change.

Discoveries that matter

The Droplet suite of sensors provide data on every atmospheric particle relevant to the formation and evolution of all types of clouds and the subsequent development of rain and snow. From aerosol particles that can form water droplets and ice crystals to liquid water content, precipitation data, and more, researchers can find the answers they need with Droplet.

Featured Product

CCN-100/200 Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter

Droplet’s multi-channel instrument for single supersaturation (CCN-100) or dual supersaturation (CCN-200) measurement of CCN concentration.

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