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Scientists are continually working on ways to understand the impact of natural and human-made aerosols on our climate – from scattering sunlight back into space to aerosol-cloud interactions that impact the properties of clouds. Yet aerosols are one of the most uncertain aspects in cloud formation, persistence, and dissipation. Droplet helps scientists to close the gap of uncertainty through measurements, modeling, and publications, with instruments that enable:

Collection of real-time aerosol size distributions in either ground/cabin-based or aircraft-based instruments to captures information on quickly changing air masses

Single particle specificity and resolution to reduce uncertainty in calculations with differentiation between more particle sizes

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“Aerosols are one of the key components of the climate system and the hydrological cycle (Ramanathan et al., 2001). It is well documented that the cloud radiative feedback and effect of aerosol are the major sources of uncertainty in the climate models (Ramanathan et al., 2001).”

-Anupam Hazra et al., Elsevier READ ARTICLE

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UHSAS-G Ultra-High Sensitivity Aerosol Spectrometer

An optical-scattering, laser-based aerosol particle spectrometer for sizing particles in the 0.06 µm to 1 µm range.

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