Operator Manual: Meteorological Particle Spectrometer (MPS)

The Meteorological Particle Spectrometer (MPS-2) is designed to directly measure precipitation shapes, sizes and fall velocities. In post processing, rainfall rates and statistical data on the intensity of the rainfall can be derived. The image data can be analyzed to determine if the precipitation is in the form of droplets or frozen precipitation. The Particle Analysis and Display System (PADS), a graphical user interface operating on a host computer, provides control of measurement parameters. PADS simultaneously displays real-time particle-size distributions. All standard data interfaces are done via line drivers meeting the RS-422 electrical specification, allowing cable lengths of up to 100 meters. The MPS is designed to be mounted on a single post and orient the direction of the sampling volume with the prevailing wind via the selfcontained wind vane. The MPS uses all solid-state electronics, and requires minimum warm-up time.