Aerosol influences on low-level clouds in theWest African monsoon

- Jonathan W. Taylor1, Sophie L. Haslett1,*, Keith Bower1, Michael Flynn1, Ian Crawford1, James Dorsey1,2, Tom Choularton1, Paul J. Connolly1, Valerian Hahn3, Christiane Voigt3,4, Daniel Sauer3, Régis Dupuy5, Joel Brito5,**, Alfons Schwarzenboeck5, Thierry Bourriane6, Cyrielle Denjean6, Phil Rosenberg7, Cyrille Flamant8, James D. Lee9,10, Adam R. Vaughan9, Peter G. Hill11, Barbara Brooks12, Valéry Catoire13, Peter Knippertz14, and Hugh Coe1


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