Airborne characterization of subsaturated aerosol hygroscopicity and dry refractive index from the surface to 6.5km during the SEAC4RS campaign

- Taylor Shingler1, Ewan Crosbie2,3, Amber Ortega1, Manabu Shiraiwa4, Andreas Zuend5, Andreas Beyersdorf2, Luke Ziemba2, Bruce Anderson2, Lee Thornhill2,6, Anne E. Perring7,8, Joshua P. Schwarz7, Pedro Campazano-Jost8,9, Douglas A. Day8,9, Jose L. Jimenez8,9, Johnathan W. Hair2, Tomas Mikoviny10, Armin Wisthaler10,11, and Armin Sorooshian1,12


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