Black and brown carbon over central Amazonia: Long-term aerosol measurements at the ATTO site

- Jorge Saturno1, Bruna A. Holanda1, Christopher Pöhlker1, Florian Ditas1, Qiaoqiao Wang1,2, Daniel Moran-Zuloaga1, Joel Brito3,4, Samara Carbone3,5, Yafang Cheng1, Xuguang Chi6, Jeannine Ditas1,2, Thorsten Hoffmann7, Isabella Hrabe de Angelis1, Tobias Könemann1, Jošt V. Lavrič8, Nan Ma1,2, Jing Ming1, Hauke Paulsen9, Mira L. Pöhlker1, Luciana V. Rizzo10, Patrick Schlag3, Hang Su1, David Walter1, Stefan Wolff1, Yuxuan Zhang1, Paulo Artaxo3, Ulrich Pöschl1, and Meinrat O. Andreae1,11


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