Characterization of black carbon-containing fine particles in Beijing during wintertime

Refractory black carbon (BC) is a product of incomplete combustion of fossil fuel, biomass and biofuel, etc. By mixing with other species, BC can play significant roles in climate change, visibility impairment and human health. Such BC-containing particles in densely populated megacities like Beijing may have specific sources and properties that are important to haze formation and air quality.

- JunfengWang1, Dantong Liu2, Xinlei Ge1, YangzhouWu1, Fuzhen Shen1, Mindong Chen1, Jian Zhao3,4, Conghui Xie3,4, QingqingWang3, Weiqi Xu3,4, Jie Zhang5, Jianlin Hu1, James Allan2,6, Rutambhara Joshi2, Pingqing Fu3, Hugh Coe2, and Yele Sun3,4