Classification of Arctic, midlatitude and tropical clouds in themixed-phase temperature regime

The degree of glaciation of mixed-phase clouds constitutes one of the largest uncertainties in climate prediction. In order to better understand cloud glaciation, cloud spectrometer observations are presented in this paper, which were made in the mixed-phase temperature regime between 0 and −38 ◦C (273 to 235 K), where cloud particles can either be frozen or liquid.

- Anja Costa1 , Jessica Meyer1,a , Armin Afchine1 , Anna Luebke1,b , Gebhard Günther1 , James R. Dorsey2 , Martin W. Gallagher2 , Andre Ehrlich3 , Manfred Wendisch3 , Darrel Baumgardner4 , Heike Wex5 , and Martina Krämer1