Cluster analysis of WIBS single-particle bioaerosol data

Hierarchical agglomerative cluster analysis was performed on single-particle multi-spatial data sets comprising optical diameter, asymmetry and three different fluorescence measurements, gathered using two dual Wideband Integrated Bioaerosol Sensors (WIBSs). The technique is demonstrated on measurements of various fluorescent and non-fluorescent polystyrene latex spheres (PSL) before being applied to two separate contemporaneous ambient WIBS data sets recorded in a forest site in Colorado, USA, as part of the BEACHON-RoMBAS project. Cluster analysis results
between both data sets are consistent.

- N. H. Robinson1, J. D. Allan1,2, J. A. Huffman3, P. H. Kaye4, V. E. Foot5, and M. Gallagher1