Evaluation of hygroscopic cloud seeding in liquid-water clouds: a feasibility study

An airborne cloud seeding experiment was conducted over the eastern coast of Zhejiang, China, on 4 September 2016 during a major international event held in Hangzhou. In an attempt to reduce the likelihood of rainfall onset, a major airborne experiment for weather modification took place by seeding hygroscopic agents to warm clouds to reduce cloud droplet 15 size. The effectiveness of seeding is examined, mainly for stratiform clouds with patchy small convective cells. A radardomain-index algorithm (RDI) was proposed to analyze the seeding effect. The threshold strategy and the tracking radar echo by correlation (TREC) technique was applied in the domain selection.

- Fei Wang1,2, Zhanqing Li2,3, Qi Jiang4, Gaili Wang5, Shuo Jia6, Jing Duan1, Yuquan Zhou1

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