Evolution of aerosol properties impacting visibility and direct climate forcing in an ammonia-rich urban environment

- Justin M. Langridge,1,2 Daniel Lack,1,2 Charles A. Brock,2 Roya Bahreini,1,2 Ann M. Middlebrook,2 J. Andrew Neuman,1,2 John B. Nowak,1,2 Anne E. Perring,1,2 Joshua P. Schwarz,1,2 J. Ryan Spackman,1,2 John S. Holloway,1,2 Ilana B. Pollack,1,2 Thomas B. Ryerson,2 James M. Roberts,2 Carsten Warneke,1,2 Joost A. de Gouw,1,2 Michael K. Trainer,2 and Daniel M. Murphy2


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