Modeled black carbon radiative forcing and atmospheric lifetime in AeroCom Phase II constrained by aircraft observations

- B. H. Samset1, G. Myhre1, A. Herber2, Y. Kondo3, S.-M. Li4, N. Moteki3, M. Koike3, N. Oshima21, J. P. Schwarz5,6, Y. Balkanski7, S. E. Bauer8, N. Bellouin9, T. K. Berntsen1, H. Bian10, M. Chin11, T. Diehl11,12,*, R. C. Easter13, S. J. Ghan13, T. Iversen14,15,16, A. Kirkevåg14, J.-F. Lamarque17, G. Lin18, X. Liu13, J. E. Penner18, M. Schulz14, Ø. Seland14, R. B. Skeie1, P. Stier19, T. Takemura20, K. Tsigaridis8, and K. Zhang13


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