Observations of fluorescent aerosol–cloud interactions in the freetroposphere at the High-Altitude Research Station Jungfraujoch

The fluorescent nature of aerosol at a high-altitude Alpine site was studied using a wide-band integratedbioaerosol (WIBS-4) single particle multi-channel ultravio-let – light-induced fluorescence (UV-LIF) spectrometer. Thiswas supported by comprehensive cloud microphysics andmeteorological measurements with the aims of catalogu-ing concentrations of bio-fluorescent aerosols at this high-altitude site and also investigating possible influences of UV–fluorescent particle types on cloud–aerosol processes.

- I. Crawford1, G. Lloyd1,2, E. Herrmann3, C. R. Hoyle3,4, K. N. Bower1, P. J. Connolly1, M. J. Flynn1, P. H. Kaye5, T. W. Choularton1, and M. W. Gallagher1