Phase transition observations and discrimination of small cloud particles by light polarization in expansion chamber experiments

- Leonid Nichman1, Claudia Fuchs2, Emma Järvinen3, Karoliina Ignatius4, Niko Florian Höppel3, Antonio Dias5, Martin Heinritzi6, Mario Simon6, Jasmin Tröstl2, Andrea Christine Wagner6, Robert Wagner7, ChristinaWilliamson6,a,b, Chao Yan7, Paul James Connolly1, James Robert Dorsey1,8, Jonathan Duplissy9, Sebastian Ehrhart5, Carla Frege2, Hamish Gordon5, Christopher Robert Hoyle2,10, Thomas Bjerring Kristensen4, Gerhard Steiner7,11,c, Neil McPherson Donahue12, Richard Flagan13, Martin William Gallagher1, Jasper


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