Soot Particle Studies—Instrument Inter-Comparison—Project Overview

- Eben S. Cross,1,2,∗ Timothy B. Onasch,1,2 Adam Ahern,1,2 William Wrobel,1 Jay G. Slowik,3 Jason Olfert,4,12 Daniel A. Lack,5,14 Paola Massoli,2,5 Christopher D. Cappa,6 Joshua P. Schwarz,5 J. Ryan Spackman,5 DavidW. Fahey,5 Arthur Sedlacek,4 Achim Trimborn,2 John T. Jayne,2 Andrew Freedman,2 Leah R.Williams,2 Nga L. Ng,2 Claudio Mazzoleni,7,13 Manvendra Dubey,7 Benjamin Brem,8 Greg Kok,9 R. Subramanian,9 Steffen Freitag,10 Antony Clarke,10 Dwight Thornhill,11 Linsey C. Marr,11 Charles E. Kolb,2 Douglas R.Worsnop,2 and Paul Davidovits1


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