Soot reference materials for instrument calibration and intercomparisons: a workshop summary with recommendations

- D. Baumgardner1, O. Popovicheva2, J. Allan3, V. Bernardoni4, J. Cao5, F. Cavalli6, J. Cozic7, E. Diapouli8, K. Eleftheriadis8, P. J. Genberg9, C. Gonzalez10, M. Gysel11, A. John12, T. W. Kirchstetter13, T. A. J. Kuhlbusch12,14, M. Laborde11, D. Lack15,16, T. M¨ uller17, R. Niessner18, A. Petzold19, A. Piazzalunga20, J. P. Putaud6, J. Schwarz15,16, P. Sheridan15, R. Subramanian21, E. Swietlicki9, G. Valli4, R. Vecchi4, and M. Viana22


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